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Is So "BehutheerrFUL~"

This here is he best gift to anyone special...

Great job By the Way...

It's make me cry


I have 1 word in 2 option that all I can say...


That's how NewGround works!!

This is an amazing flash video... good job by the way

Wooman has never been better

This is properly the most greatest,annoying and high..?
Thiz is the best flash I have ever seen!


Voted Maximum 10~!

Woodman ur awesome...

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Number 1!!!

Is extremely awesome!!!

I play this game easier than any other game and it's fun!!

This gme deserve to be number 1!

Fun Game

This game is so awesome...

It's remnds me of Portal from Valve fighting GlaDOS...

This is the best fun game I have ever played

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My Oh My~!

This is defiantly one of a kind music I been searching for years...

Way the go man~!

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I Just Love Epicness...

I can't imagine...
You were so awesome doing hat voice!

I have to say...
This is the best one I heard!

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It should be In A Movie!!

I got to say...
The music you made is quite unique as I say to myself...

This could even fit into a movie with it...
I'm seriously recommended that you made this music,is very good and unique stuff blahblahblah...

Anyway.. is good.. 10+ for me

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Insanctuary responds:

Thankyou. Kind of hard to understand you, I am assuming you aren't English just like the guy about 6 reviews below you. So people mark it useless not realizing that underneath all of that bad grammar is yet another lovely review. :/ I gather from this that you really like my song, think it would play well in a movie. For that sole reason of this review. Thankyou. ^^ (This review isn't useless.)

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Oh man... Awesome

This is soo going to be on my background!

It's kawaii~!! (Whatever that mean)

Her eyes are sparkly that's what made the character cute I suppose....

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supersexybeast responds:

haha thank you!!

Oh God It's Fred!! Kill It!

I have seen enough of these weird things on the internet
but this...
This is unbearable... D:

Kill the F#$king Fred

Jae responds:

This is trollface, not freaky fred!

First of all,thank you for coming to my channel.. first of alI I like to eat sushi even that I'm not Japanese but I'm Chinese but I don't read Chinese.That's the weird thing I know about myself... anyway,I will make myself popular as the other famous does

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